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late summer on the balcony

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ETA: Temporarily setting post public for debugging.

Unseasonably warm September, not that I am complaining. The chilis and peppers are still thriving outside, though nights are getting cold enough that I should probably harvest the remainder.

Sitting outside in lovely warm sun and contemplating the lavender. Usually cut it back September 1st, but there are still flowers so I think I will delay a week. Bland mint tea and indifferent book, I am practicing being bored today. Not something I am good at.

Attempted chilli photo, probably too dark, but I shall leave it as I can't seem to figure out the flash right now.

City of Heroes


Just read that CoH is closing down. So sad. No more flying across the rooftops or playing with costumes. Sniffle. Not that I have actually subscribed since I ran out of time and health to do much mmorpging, but I always had this idea I would get back to it eventually. Tried one of the other superhero mmo's once, nowhere near as fun or flexible. sic transit...

ETA: I thought I had a zillion screencaps from this game, but they seem to have fallen victim to switching computers. (Why does that always happen, despite my efforts to copy every single byte?) Anyhow, here's my (much slimmer) self-portrait from my glory days on CoH...


It was a dark and stormy night...

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I've been hiding from the news as part of my holiday rituals. (It's always a low-tech 1974 during my holidays :) So this 'Dagmar' storm took me by surprise last night. Now that was one of the more impressive storms of late, I barely dared look out the window to see the damage. Fortunately, we seem to have gotten away with some windblown garbage from the one neighbor who cleverly piled their stuff against the outside of the trashcan when it was full. So that was exciting.

Otherwise, a nice, low-key weekend with much good food and enjoyment of presents. And Skype is wonderful invention with family as scattered as mine :)

Mood themes

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Okay, testing testing, do my mood themes work here now?

ETA: Hrm. Didn't work on this post, but suddenly turned up on some of my previous ones. Oddnes. Fiddling a bit more...
ETA2: Yay, works!
ETA3: Boo, broken again. Hosting trouble, I suspect. (If I've guessed correctly, the 'weird' icon might work.)


Yzma livejournal - even villains need it
I was going to post on Dreamwidth, what with LJ begin buggy, but apparently it's been too long since I was on there. Had to try several time to get the password right, and ended up with a message about my ip address being banned for trying too often. Using the 'forgotten password' link didn't help either. The most annoying thing is that there's no info anywhere about what temporarily banned means -- minutes? hours? days? weeks? Bah. Over to Google+ to try if that cooperates today.


trek hellocomputer
Spent the evening watching two 15-meter dragons battle it out along the Aker river. Pictures sometime when I have more braincells :) (and computer respons at a rate faster than 1 character every two seconds. Hrmm, now what's up...)

Yet another shopping bag...

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At this rate I'm going to defeat the purpose of having reusable shopping bags, by having so many I'll have to start disposing of them. But not quite yet, and I'm having so much fun with them... This is the newest aquisition, which is a sparkly red rose when folded up.
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Poor Livejournal...

message in a bottle
I'm so glad so many of my Livejournal friends have made the move to google+. Probably need to revive my Dreamwidth account if this continues...,8599,2063952,00.html

Photos from Oslo today

Keep Calm and Carry On
Pictures from my attempted shopping trip downtown today -- the shops were nearly all closed, it turned out, at the advice of the police. (They were still somewhat uncertain as to whether there was a second shooter, I think.) Fortunately, everybody I know in Oslo seem to be safe, I think I've heard back from most one way or the other by now.

As I'm typing this TV is showing photos from the other nordic countries, where people are gathering in front of Norwegian embassies and similar to light candles and lay down flowers and otherwise show their support. It is quite touching.

GoT: Baelor

GOT ned
Now that was a beautiful, beautiful episode. No waffling monologues or needlessly inserted non-book scenes, wonderfully acted and filmed. I'd scatter little hearts about the post if I knew the trick of it! <3 <3 <3